Part 2 of our ‘Did You Know’ series goes over the importance of understanding the difference between a proactive vs reactive approach to your health. Unfortunately, our healthcare system and health insurances are¬†not set up to benefit those who are looking to take a¬†proactive approach. Our healthcare system is one that waits for an injury or something wrong to occur before taking action.

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Our featured article this week comes from Dr. Dave Paczowski, owner of Inside Out Physical Therapy in San Marcos, California. Dr. Dave does a great job of discussing the importance of understanding the benefits of being proactive about your health and how physical therapy is in a position to help people live the lifestyle they want while reducing the threat of injuries from occurring.

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Health Insurance ‘Did You Know’ Series – Part 2: Proactive vs Reactive Healthcare

Find more of Dr. Dave’s work at the links below! He does a great job of integrating fitness and physical therapy for those looking to stay active and fit!

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