MANA Performance Therapy provides a full spectrum of services depending on the needs of our clients. All of these services are one-on-one for 45-60 minutes with Dr. Russ. For more information on these services, call 585-364-1586.

Skilled Physical Therapy 

Dealing with pain that continues to hamper your daily activity or the ability to play a sport? Are you coming off a surgery that hasn’t allowed you to return to 100% yet? We provide physical therapy services that address the condition in a very detailed and comprehensive manner to help expedite recovery.

Strength/Fitness Training

Looking to lose weight, shed body fat, and get stronger? We provide one on one training services to help you look great, feel even better, and provide tools to help you have long term success. This can be a nice transition for people who are coming off an injury and want to get back into a strength program with some supervision from Dr. Russ.

Sport Performance Training 

Looking to get stronger, faster, more athletic, or all of the above? We’ll take you through an evaluation that looks at how you move, what limitations you might be dealing with, and develop a plan to improve your athletic ability to have it translate to the sport you play. Let us help you tap into your potential and perform at the highest level you are capable of, while also staying healthy and strong in the process.

Workshops/Speaking Events

Want to have Dr. Russ come talk to your group about a specific topic? Let us know the topic you’d like to have discussed! From injury reduction to maximizing strength training, there are many topics that we can cover for you!


Have questions? Please contact us.