Welcome to MANA Performance Therapy! Our goal is to help you find solutions to move better, get stronger, be more athletic, and live life on your terms. Our motto is “For Sport and Life” because we strongly feel our philosophy translates to both.

Who We Are

I’m Dr. Russ Manalastas. I’m a doctor of physical therapy, board certified sports physical therapist, and strength coach. This business was created to provide solutions in physical therapy, strength and conditioning, athletic enhancement, and general fitness all under one umbrella. We feel strongly that in spending more time with you, carefully listening to your goals, and understanding your situation, we will help unlock your potential. Creating a better version of you across the whole spectrum of health and wellness starts with understanding what you need for long term success.

You’re probably wondering how we are different than the other rehab facilities out there. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to figure out who you should talk to when dealing with discomfort, or attempting to live a healthier life. With Dr. Google, various social media platforms, and opinions from family and friends, it can be very difficult to make a decision when you’re in pain or are looking for advice. It can also be intimidating going to physical therapy or even a gym without really knowing what you are getting yourself into. With people being more busy than ever it seems, the ability to commit to something can be challenging.

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike the majority of physical therapy practices in the area, our appointments with every client are one on one for 45-60 minutes at our facility. On initial contact, we’ll have a conversation about what you are going through to better understand what your goals are. If you are dealing with discomfort that is limiting you, we’ll try and figure out how to best approach your needs for long term success. We feel having a sports physical therapist who is a strength coach, and utilizes hands on techniques can be advantageous as you either recover from an injury or are trying to reduce the risk of one occurring.

Next Level + MANA = Premiere Strength, Health, & Performance Facility

We couldn’t be happier to be located inside Next Level Strength and Conditioning’s awesome facility! Once you have completed your care of physical therapy for whatever condition you are dealing with, Next Level has top notch strength coaches happy to help figure out how they can get your fitness back to where you want it to be. Need some extra soft tissue work? We’ll collaborate with our licensed massage therapist to discuss your specific needs. Need to transition from rehab to sport performance? We can collaborate with our athletic trainer to minimize risk of re-injury. Whether it’s group training, one on one training, or the various other programs Next Level offers, there is something for everyone.

Strength = Performance

Strength training is a vital part of our model. We firmly believe that strength translates to all tasks and serves as a preventative to injuries. Something as simple as getting out of a chair, or as complex as throwing a baseball both require a certain level of strength to perform. The stronger you are and the better shape you’re in, the less likely you are to get injured. Why is that important? It’s important because you’re less likely to spend time away from your sport or everyday life!

My daughter Lilia loves to lift weights!

People have a love hate relationship when it comes to strength training. It can at times be intimidating, confusing, and if not properly executed, harmful to those performing it. However, there is an abundant amount of research that shows, when implemented properly, strength training can greatly benefit people both physically and emotionally. Improving mental health, overall sport performance, reducing risk of injuries from occurring, are only a few of the endless ways strength training can benefit your life.


We hope to provide information that you can utilize immediately to start improving you, because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re about. Consider us a partnership with you that is looking out for the betterment of your life. Want to learn how to deadlift or squat? Wondering how to get rid of that nagging discomfort in your knee? Looking for tips on how to run faster or lift heavier for improved sport performance? We can help with all of that! Give us a follow on our social media channels and be sure to look out for some great content moving forward! Our passion lies in helping you realize that you can do more than you think with the right guidance and mindset.

Happy Lifting!

Dr. Russ