Part 3 of our ‘Did You Know’ series discusses the difference between private pay PT and insurance based PT. We discussed in the first part of our series here, your ability to choose where you want to go for physical therapy. This week we’ll discuss why not all physical therapy is the same, and understanding the options you have.

Private Pay vs In-Network Physical Therapy

The majority of the public looking for healthcare services will automatically think to use their health insurance. Seeking physical therapy is no different, however, the care may be dictated by the health insurance company. When choosing an in-network provider (a provider that takes your health insurance), there can be a lot of red tape when it comes to what those providers have to follow due to the health insurance requirements. The option to pay out of pocket (out of network with health insurance providers) for PT isn’t something people think about, but it can yield big time benefits.

We team up with Dr. Dave Paczkowski from Inside Out Physical Therapy again, as he discusses the biggest differences between choosing to go to a private pay provider as opposed to just using your insurance because you have it. The differences may make you think twice next time you should need physical therapy services. Check out the article below!

Did You Know Series Part 3: Differences in Physical Therapy Treatment, Private Pay vs In-Network

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