In our fourth and final installment of our Health Insurance ‘Did You Know’ series, we answer a number of frequently asked questions we get from customers! Being that our company is a private pay and out of network, we answer questions for those who could be confused as to what their options are. Let’s get right into it!

Q: Do You Take HSA/FSA Payments?

A: YES! Physical therapy is a covered expense for both health spending accounts and flex spending accounts. If you have either, you can use your card to pay for your treatments. At the end of each session, we will provide you with a invoice that you can submit to your insurance.

Q: Why Do You Not Directly Take Health Insurance?

A: We do not directly take health insurance due to the fact that insurance companies continue to devalue what we do as physical therapists. Due to this, many physical therapy practices are forced to have to see multiple people per hour in order to keep their doors open. Insurance companies continue to restrict what we can do as physical therapists, which is why we do not directly deal with them.

Q: Can I Come To You If I Have a High Deductible Plan?

A: Absolutely! In many cases, because many health insurance plans are of the high deductible variety, you are in essence paying out of pocket for the services you are seeking until your deductible is met. Those who are seeking physical therapy will likely not meet their deductible solely by coming to physical therapy. In this case, we recommend seeking the best solutions for the problem so you can improve faster. The cost to come see us might be more up front, but it could potentially save you money long term. At the end of the treatment we can give you an invoice to submit to your insurance so that the cost of the treatment goes towards your deductible.

Q: How Many Days Per Week Would I Need To Come See You?

A: It depends. The traditional PT model usually recommends PT 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks or longer. With everyone seemingly living busy lives, this can be overwhelming to hear. If you have a $40-$50 copay, or even a high deductible plan where you’re paying the entire cost, it might not be feasible to go this route.

We normally see people only once per week, sometimes twice, depending on the case. Because we see our clients one on one for the entire treatment session, we don’t see them as frequently. Add in the fact that clients may only commit to 60-80 minutes of their time coming in once a week to see us, as opposed to 2-3 times a week, our model fits in well with a busy lifestyle.


At the end of the day, taking a proactive approach to your health can’t be understated. Waiting for something to go away on its own can usually put you down the wrong path. We want people to be aware of all their options when it comes to their health. Educating people to avoid unnecessary testing, medications, injections, and surgery if possible is what we’re striving to do! We want to empower people so they can take control of their health! We understand that people want to use their health insurance because they are paying premiums that continue to go up. Unfortunately, sometimes the coverage you have might be more limiting than you think.

I just want thank Dr. Dave Paczkowski from Inside Out Physical Therapy for helping contribute to this series. He helped shed some light on some very important topics that most people don’t know about! Knowledge is power when it comes to your health. Clearly knowing what your options are can go a long way in addressing any injury you might be dealing with. For more of Dr. Dave’s work, check him out below!

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Happy Lifting!

Dr. Russ