Do You Have Low Back Pain When You Train?

Low back pain continues to be a huge problem for many people in the United States. However, many will continue to train and exercise with back pain without figuring out why it is there in the first place. I will preface this and say that getting your pain under control should be the priority! But that also doesn’t mean you need to stop training all together.

This week we are sharing an article that we wrote on Dr. John Rusin’s website. In this article we discuss why deadlifting from the ground isn’t for everyone, especially if dealing with low back pain. We discuss some deadlift variations people can try to train around low back discomfort.

Top 5 Deadlift Variations To Train Around Low Back Pain 

About Dr. John Rusin

Dr. John Rusin is a performance based physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach based out of Wisconsin. His innovative vision for the future of elite level sports performance physical therapy and injury prevention based training protocols are highlighted by the synergy of high-performance strength and hypertrophy programming with a cutting-edge, pain-free training methodologies, are revolutionizing the way his athletes and clients look, feel, function and perform.

Big thanks to Dr. John for allowing us to contribute on his platform!

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Happy Lifting!

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