Performance PT vs Traditional PT

The recovery after an ACL reconstruction is extensive and can be challenging. There are multiple factors that go into the recovery process after an ACL tear. Time, tissue healing, pain, function, and specific testing need to be considered. Unfortunately, the rate of reinjury after ACL reconstruction continues to be high and it is mainly due to athletes not getting the proper attention they deserve. They likely aren’t being challenged enough during the rehab process to truly prepare them for the activity they want to return to. This is where a performance PT model is superior to a traditional practice model which we’ll discuss further. In this article we will discuss why ACL recovery needs much more attention than just what a protocol says. 

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Why Traditional Physical Therapy is NOT Sufficient

Traditional PT is based on what insurance tells providers to do. Often times insurance companies have a bare minimum that needs to be met by clinicians when treating clients. Insurance companies may deem certain activities not a skilled need and may not reimburse for care. An insurance company is not looking out for your best interest. The concern for them is about paying the least amount needed for the care provided. That leads to clinicians usually seeing multiple clients per hour to meet the standards of what the insurance companies dictate to them. The quality of care suffers due to this, which leads to suboptimal recovery. Clients may also be seen by different providers every time they come in, which again, does not allow for an experience that most clients recovering from an ACL tear need. 

Performance Physical Therapy

Performance PT is just that. We look at where you currently are at and develop a plan with you, not for you. Our clinicians spend a full hour with you taking you through training, education on what to expect, and oversee the aspects of care that a traditional practice just doesn’t have time for. We want you to feel part of the process and not just being told what to do. If you want to get back to higher level activities, then there needs to be a plan in place to do so. Going off of  your surgeon’s plan is a good place to start, but it needs more specific details as you get further into your recovery. That’s where being able to spend more time with your therapist has a massive impact. We truly want you to succeed and not have to go through this process ever again!


ACL rehabilitation is a process. That process requires someone who truly understands how to get you back to where you want to be. You always have a choice of where you want to do your rehab. If you are not getting the care you feel like you deserve, then find someone who truly specializes in ACL recovery. Those who invest in the time and energy to go through ACL reconstruction should have a team willing to develop a thorough plan. The traditional PT model simply does not cut it for ACL rehabilitation.