Former Clients

“After my ACL reconstruction surgery Russ provided me with an excellent rehab experience. The thing that stood out about working with Russ was his attention to detail and his focus on my progress. I have worked with other physical therapists that made it feel like I was just working through the same motions. Russ was different because he added motivation and made specific goals to strive for. Russ also made a point to answer all of my why’s and explain all of the how-to’s . He is definitely an expert in his field. I would highly recommend him for all things physical therapy related, and most especially for all things ACL!” – Cody D.

“I’ve worked with several PTs over the years, none that compare to Russ. Even when he moved out of my home state, I would still touch base with him via text/email/phone because he still provided better coaching than other PTs I’d go to see in person. Russ showed me what quality therapy sessions actually look and feel like, and regardless of mileage between us, he is the first person I think to reach out to when injuries present themselves. Expect to learn, recover, and improve after time with Russ! I’ve seen/worked with him for a various injuries such as my shoulder, back, knee, and biceps. He’s the best PT I’ve ever worked with!” -Dan M.

“Being an athlete that has had multiple knee surgeries, I was experiencing a lot of pain and soreness in my knees after workouts, and I often struggled with your typical “mainstream” leg exercises.  Russ created a workout that was tailor made for my body and situation, which didn’t put too much strain on my knees.  It helped eliminate almost all of the pain I was feeling within weeks and I currently feel stronger and better than I have in years.  He provided the individual care and attention that you won’t typically get from a regular PT facility.  I would recommend Russ and MANA Performance Therapy to anyone who wants to strengthen their body the right way and also values great personal care and service.” -Terry H.

“I recently had physical therapy with Russ after dealing with pain in my elbow on and off for 2 years. With just a few simple tests, he was able to diagnose the source of my re-occurring pain and get it under control within a few visits. The exercise routine he provided has kept me pain free ever since. Russ is also great with kids as he helped my daughter recover from a gymnastics injury.” – Rich D.

“As an older athlete, when injuries occur it should take longer to heal.  That is not the case with Russ.  Not only did he make it easy, but he made it enjoyable to bring my body back to where it needed to be.  I have seen him for my ACL rehab and then most recently my arm surgery.  Both injuries came along faster than expected.  I can’t say enough about Russ and what he does for the people he works with coming back from injuries.  In short, I send everybody to this guy.” – Eric H.

“After months of training for my 1st Half Marathon, 2 weeks before race day I pulled up with a knee injury. Immediately I sought out Russell and with his therapy plan I was able to complete my goal. Not competing were not words in my vocabulary. Russell knew we were under the gun to rectify this obstacle that had been thrown at me. He never gave up on me and prepared me well for the 13.1 miles. I crossed that finish line and burst into tears as that day was so important to me and Russell was a vital part to my success! I have gone on to complete many more races since then.” -Shotsie W.

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